Permaculture Podcast Philly Episodes

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is the Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann.  A bunch of the recent episodes have focused on Philadelphia-area Permaculturists.  It’s great seeing people getting exposure on a global platform like this podcast.  Philly has some amazing work being done.  Check them out below!

Episode 1608: Jewish Traditions with Nati Passow, Part 1 (Faith and Earth Care)

Episode 1609: An introduction to Philadelphia Orchard Project

Episode 1611: Permanent Multi-Culture with Robyn Mello

Episode 1613: Philly Round Table, Part 1

Episode 1619: Philly Roundtable Q&A

Both of these episodes are “part one’s.”  When the follow-up episodes are released, you can find them at, but I’ll also share them here!  I’m also looking forward to the release of the Philly Round-Table Discussion podcast episode.  It was a great event, and I can’t wait to re-listen to the discussion!


Green City Video Series #1 – Mycopolitan Mushroom Farm

This is the first episode of a multi-part series highlighting businesses, organizations, projects, people, and events around Philadelphia that are shaping the future of our city by using permaculture ethics and principles. The goal is to create a better future for the earth, for people, and for our communities.

Mycopolitan Mushroom Farm grows specialty mushrooms for restaurants, school cafeterias, and home kitchens from a warehouse basement in northeast Philly. They also assist fledgling mushroom growers and teach people how to work with fungi.

Produced by Dirk McGurk

Shot by: Abad Rosa

Edited by Tim Ahern

Permaculture Skills – February Free Movie Screening / Discussion / Potluck


This month we’re going to screen some excerpts from the DVD, “Permaculture Skills” from Ben Falk and Whole Systems Design. The DVD has chapters on a variety of subjects related to Permaculture. From Design tools to specific skills, and philosophy discussions, there is a lot to choose from. We’ll decide what to watch based on the preferences of whomever attends!
Every month, Philly Permaculture screens a documentary, lecture, movie, or clips related to Permaculture, and how we can live more regenerative lives.

Bring some food to share if you’d like. Bring your own plates and utencils, and let’s try to make this a no-waste event! We’ll have plenty of time for a discussion about the film, or about whatever else is happening in Philly related to Permaculture and regenerative living!

Where: Repair the World 4029 Market Street Philadelphia
When: 7PM – 9PM, Tuesday February 16th, 2016

Facebook event:

Film Contents:

1.01 Whole Systems Design PDC Introduction [08:51]
1.02 Whole Systems Design research farm II site visit [16:55]
1.03 Defining permaculture [13:26]
1.04 Contour lines with laser level & A-frame [07:47]
1.05 The Design Process: Goals articulation [12:16]
1.06 Extension with offsets and triangulation [09:34]
1.07 A discussion on ethics and principles [10:33]
1.08 Designing for zones 4 & 5 [11:50]
1.09 Being poor and living rich [05:27]

2.01 Plant propagation fundamentals [10:25]
2.02 The design process: Site analysis and assessment [15:26]
2.03 Grafting fundamentals [15:59]
2.04 Pond design principles [05:49]
2.05 Soil science basics [22:18]
2.06 Introduction to scything [06:57]
2.07 Introduction to wood carving [08:07]
2.08 Succession walk and observation [08:37]
2.09 Tree planting fundamentals [05:27 ]
2.10 Gardening with hand tools [07:41]
2.11 Introduction to keyline design [12:39]

3.01 Homestead site visit [31:45]
3.02 Introduction to herbal medicine – part I [05:54]
3.03 Food forest fundamentals [08:45]
3.04 The Whole Systems Design business [10:52]
3.05 Homestead infrastructure [12:49]
3.06 Introduction to herbal medicine – part II [12:24]
3.07 Handy rope knots [05:32]
3.08 Seed saving and stratification [06:19]
3.09 Dry stack stone construction [11:44]
3.10 Wood splitting basics [03:33]
3.11 Uncommon fruits for permaculture designs [08:41]

4.01 Introduction to wild foraging [13:41]
4.02 Green woodworking fundamentals [10:15]
4.03 Log inoculation for shitake mushroom cultivation [7:36]
4.04 Approaches to forest management [12:32]
4.05 Plant propagation fundamentals part II [12:45]
4.06 Woody plant identification [12:00]
4.07 Basic knife sharpening [08:36]
4.08 Client site consult and design implementation [28:29]

Philly Permaculture Round-Table Discussion for The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann


On Sunday Jan 31st, Scott Mann of The Permaculture Podcast joins us at Repair the World (4029 Market St Philadelphia, PA) to facilitate a permaculture round-table discussion that will be recorded for an episode of his podcast. Following the round table we invite you to join us for a potluck dinner.

Panelists will include:
Robyn Mello from the Philadelphia Orchard Project
Kirtrina Baxter from the Garden Justice Legal Initiative at the Public Interest Law Center
Paul Glover, local activist and founder of the Philadelphia Orchard Project
Nate Kleinman from the Experimental Farm Network
Melissa Miles, local permaculture instructor / practitioner

Audience members will have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions and connect with members of the local permaculture community.

When: Sunday Jan 31st, 3PM – 8:30PM

Where: Repair the World, 4029 Market St Philadelphia, PA


$5 Suggested Donation to support Scott’s travel expenses.


Here are some of the other roundtable discussions from the podcast:

January Free Movie Screening – In Defense of Food


Update: Here’s the link to watch the film.  It’s available until Jan 28th!

This month, we’re screening Michael Pollan’s new PBS special, In Defense of Food. Based on Pollan’s book by the same name, “In Defense of Food shows us how, despite the daunting dietary landscape Americans confront in the modern supermarket, we can escape the Western diet and, by doing so, most of the chronic diseases that diet causes. We can relearn which foods are healthy, develop simple ways to moderate our appetites, and return eating to its proper context — out of the car and back to the table. Michael Pollan’s bracing and eloquent manifesto shows us how we can start making thoughtful food choices that will enrich our lives, enlarge our sense of what it means to be healthy, and bring pleasure back to eating.”

Every month, Philly Permaculture screens a documentary, lecture, movie, or clips related to Permaculture, and how we can live more regenerative lives.

Bring some food to share if you’d like. Bring your own plates and utencils, and let’s try to make this a no-waste event! The film is about 2 hours, so we’ll start right at 7PM. Following the movie, we’ll have time for a discussion about the film, or about whatever else is happening in Philly related to Permaculture and regenerative living!

When: Tuesday Jan 19th, 7PM – 9:30PM

Where: Repair the World, 4029 Market St Philadelphia, PA

Facebook event


Visiting a local alpaca farm!

While trying to figure out holiday gifts for friends and family, I noticed a friend from a gardening class that I took a few years ago, Linda Clark, was advertising her homemade wool products made from her own pet alpacas.  I was initially interested in her alpaca wool and catnip mouse cat toys, but when I stopped by her open house, I was able to cross a few more people off my gift list.  Linda had alpaca and sheep’s wool felted scarves and cat toys, and she had some friends over who had made knitted scarves and felted soaps with the alpaca wool as well.  I picked out a few gifts, and then Linda gave me a quick demonstration of how she turns the alpaca wool into felt, and then takes that felt and molds it into felt hats.  Check it out!


Hand felting demonstration:


How Linda makes her felt hats:

Mayor’s Office announces Climate Adaption Plan

On Tuesday December 1st, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the Philadelphia Climate Adaptation Working Group invited the public to an event centered around the release of “Growing Stronger: Toward a Climate-Ready Philadelphia,” the City’s first climate adaptation plan. I wasn’t able to attend the event, but I was curious to hear what the Mayor has in store for ensuring the future resilience of our city.  Thankfully, Paul Glover was able to attend, and was able to report on his thoughts about the meeting:

“[The] meeting offered a buffet of insights from local bureaucrats tasked with considering the impacts of pending ocean rise and urban heat. There were no bold proposals, altough one person suggested that the airport would have to be relocated when it submerges.

Two hundred years from now, people might look back at the nice middle class audience and say, ‘ Did you rebuild your houses so they needed no fossil fuel, did you quit driving cars, did you quit eating meat, did you quit shopping for novelties, did you quit shitting into clean water, did you replace parking lots with orchards, did you do anything inconvenient on behalf of the human future?’

It would have been rude of me to disturb the polite discussion.”