Tiny Home Construction in Swarthmore, PA

One of the final projects in my Permaculture Design Certifcation class was for a local Tiny Home production business.  My classmate is an architect, and with her previous experience, they’ve made rapid progress on creating their first Tiny Home.  Recently, I had the opportunity to help out with a build day, and get a look a the tiny home resulting from the final project design.  I installed some light fixtures, and with some other tasks.  This project is a family effort, with all family members contributing to the design and build.  Check out some photos that I took!
IMG_8952IMG_8951 IMG_8945 IMG_8949
The design of the home aims to use as sustainable materials as possible.  The wood framing is slightly wider between vertical beams compared to normal construction, which allows more insulating spray foam for thermal efficiency, and less wood used.  Donated and repurposed materials are being utilized, and even the spray insulation is made from sugar beets.
It’s an awesome project that I’ll be following, and hopefully helping out with again.  Follow the progress for this project on their project blog.  Or, check out the facebook page.

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