Urgent Call for Volunteers!

Our friend Alisa Shargo (who was our special guest and provided the film and lead the discussion for the April movie screening, “Bag It,” about waste reduction)  is looking for volunteers to help with a Commercial Corridor Audit:

“Do you think all the styrofoam use here in Philly is nasty? If you want to see an end to it, participate in this study. We will be going into three commercial corridors and doing a survey of distribution practices. Volunteers will be invited to a dinner party hosted by me and you will also be able to feel like a resident who devotes time and energy into making our city a better place. Please help out!”

“So maybe you are wondering, what’s this Audit all about and how will it work. Well you show up at an assigned location and an assigned time on Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Prior to this you will receive a training packet that contains a powerpoint training. When you show up we will answer any questions. Then you are given a clipboard that contains the audit tool and a section of the neighborhood. You go to this section and visit the business in that section. You walk into each business and just look around and check the corresponding boxes to what you see. You should not be in each business for more than 5 minutes and you never need to go behind the counter or talk to anyone. It’s really very basic and kinda fun fieldwork. I need 10 more volunteers on Wednesday and about 3 more on Monday. If you are not busy on those days and you live in Philly, Jersey or NY please consider helping out and sign up bellow. Thank you so much!”


Alisa needs a few more volunteers for this important project.  Help clean up our city!

The dates that volunteers are needed are August 30th, September 1st and 2nd.

Sign up to volunteer here:



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