Mayor’s Office announces Climate Adaption Plan

On Tuesday December 1st, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the Philadelphia Climate Adaptation Working Group invited the public to an event centered around the release of “Growing Stronger: Toward a Climate-Ready Philadelphia,” the City’s first climate adaptation plan. I wasn’t able to attend the event, but I was curious to hear what the Mayor has in store for ensuring the future resilience of our city.  Thankfully, Paul Glover was able to attend, and was able to report on his thoughts about the meeting:

“[The] meeting offered a buffet of insights from local bureaucrats tasked with considering the impacts of pending ocean rise and urban heat. There were no bold proposals, altough one person suggested that the airport would have to be relocated when it submerges.

Two hundred years from now, people might look back at the nice middle class audience and say, ‘ Did you rebuild your houses so they needed no fossil fuel, did you quit driving cars, did you quit eating meat, did you quit shopping for novelties, did you quit shitting into clean water, did you replace parking lots with orchards, did you do anything inconvenient on behalf of the human future?’

It would have been rude of me to disturb the polite discussion.”


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