A Permaculture Community is Developing in Northeast Philly


This Monday is the first public planning meeting for the proposed Logan Orchard and Market, or LOAM.  LOAM is a project organized by Paul Glover, a former candidate for PA Governor, to transform a vacant space in Northeast Philadelphia in the Logan neighborhood, into a Permaculture Orchard, Farm Market, Health Center, and Tiny House community.

The site is currently controlled by the Redevelopment Authority in Philadelphia, and has been vacant for over 20 years. In the distant past, the space was a creek that was paved over for a housing development. The housing development was built on unstable land (because it used to be a creek), and was eventually torn down. The Redevelopment Authority wants to create a strip mall on the site with a large parking lot, but there are concerns this project will have the same end as the housing development that was torn down.

Glover’s plan is to set up lightweight greenhouses, and tiny home structures that won’t be threatened by the unstable land. He has also envisioned a medical center that offers affordable healthcare to the neighborhood. In return, the doctors would have their basic needs provided for, and would be an integral part of this community. Greenhouses, a permaculture orchard, and a farmer’s market would provide income for the community.


Currently, Glover is trying to get the local and surrounding communities involved.  Glover’s goal is to lead the neighborhood to stand together, and to make a statement that they don’t want another strip mall and parking lot.  Rather, they demand a public space that provides local food, medical assistance, and a thriving community.This is an exciting project, and one that I’ll be following closely!  To get involved, follow the LOAM facebook page and come out to the meeting this Monday!

Monday July 13th at 7PM
1501 Cherry St
Philadelphia, PA


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