Mushroom and Fungi Intensive Workshop with Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology

Peter McCoy, author of Radical Mycology, is coming to Heritage Farm in Philadelphia in September for a 2.5 day intensive on the “art, science, and regenerative applications of mushroom cultivation.”  This is sure to be a great learning experience!

Peter has a youtube channel, Radical Mycology, with some great information on cultivation.  He’s even got a video explaining how he trained mycellium to digest cigarette butts.

Participants will bring home 4 mushroom cultures, supplies, and a workbook.

This Mushroom Cultivation & Application Course covers the essential principles and practices of high yield mushroom production for all budgets. Starting with the fundamentals of cultivation, and progressively building in conceptual stages throughout the weekend, you will learn the empowering life skill of growing mushroom mycelium (spawn) and fruiting mushrooms in any environment. With an emphasis on the best techniques and tools that keep costs and complexity to a minimum, you will leave the course equipped to dive in to cultivating right away.

The approach Peter takes to working with fungi for food, medicine, and soil health not only teaches the skills of cultivation but also the concepts and principles that underlie them. By understanding both the how and why of cultivation, you will learn how to creatively adapt any project’s design to achieve consistently high yields in the home, garden, or on the farm.

Whether you are looking to grow your own edible and medicinal mushrooms for personal use or start a mushroom farm, this course will cover the core skills needed to hit the ground running.

When: September 18 – 20, Friday evening and full days on Saturday and Sunday

Where: Heritage Farm 4300 Monument Rd Philadelphia, PA

Cost: $225 per person


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