June Movie Screening – Fungi!


June 29th


4029 Market St Philadelphia, PA

This month, we’re showing several videos about Mushrooms! We’ll explore how mushrooms can be used for food, medicine, and healing the environment. We’ll cover a bit about the history of fungi, the amazing characteristics of these organisms, and some basic cultivation techniques.

We’ll be watching videos from:
Paul Stamets (Fungi.com)
Tradd Cotter (RadicalMycology.com)
Peter McCoy (RadicalMycology.com)
Steve Gabriel (FarmingTheWoods.com)

We’ll need to start at 7PM sharp, so arrive a little early! We have a hard cutoff at 9PM for the venue, but if the weather is nice, we can continue discussion / conversation outside the venue after 9PM.

Bring some food to share if you’d like, but also bring your own plate and utensils to reduce waste!



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