The Permaculture Action Tour with The Polish Ambassador

On November 6th, The Polish Ambassador and his crew of activist musicians brought the funk to Philly for their Permaculture Action Tour.  Joined by Mr. Lif, and Ayla Nereo with their unique musical styles, and Liminus providing live visuals, The Polish Ambassador is also travelling with a crew of Permaculture activists, spreading sweat and positive messages to communities all over the US.  It started with a IndieGoGo campaign to fund their idea for a music tour that left behind a positive footprint in each community they visit.  Their mission is to spread the ideas of permaculture and regenerative living to their audience, engaging people who come to enjoy their music, and inspiring them to participate in making their community a better place.  The tour is over now, but for six weeks they travelled across the country organizing community volunteer days to plant permaculture-style gardens, reclaiming abandoned lots for guerilla gardens, and teaching their fans about living a regenerative lifestyle.

Ryan Rising seemed to be the resident permaculture expert on the tour, and before the show in Philly, Ryan gave a 20-ish minute presentation on what they’ve done so far with the tour, planting permaculture gardens, guerilla gardening, and spreading information about permaculture.  Then, he invited Robyn Mello to speak about the Philly Orchard Project (POP), and their ongoing work in Philadelphia to plant food forests and educate people about permaculture.  POP does amazing work organizing volunteers to plant trees, and help with city gardens and farms, and even holds workshops on all kinds of awesome topics related to permaculture.   Paul Glover, another Philly activist for regenerative living and recent candidate for PA Governor, spoke about Car Free Cities.  Imagine, in a very possible future, a Philadelphia where all the streets are transformed to bike paths, public transportation, and green space; farms, gardens, and parks running down every street.  It sounds like paradise to me.

Some of The Polish Ambassador’s fans have reacted negatively on the musician’s facebook fan page.  Some think that they’re neglecting the music aspect of the tour by focusing on their permaculture message.  The Polish Ambassador responded in a Facebook post:



Here’s a video that I took during the concert.  Ayla Nereo and Mr. Lif improvised, using a loop pedal, collaborating with a beatboxer from the crowd, and created this awesome freestyle experience:


A Food Forest in Philadelphia

About a month ago, I was visiting the Shofuso Japanese house in Fairmount Park with my girlfriend when we stumbled upon a food forest right here in Philadelphia.  I’ve read about several Philly Food Forest plantings done by the Philly Orchard Project, but hadn’t seen any yet.  They had signs surrounding the site that described the process of installing the different aspects of the system.  Well done, Philly Orchard Project!  Check it out:

POP Plant Sale and the start of a Backyard Forest Garden

POP Plant Sale and the start of a Backyard Forest Garden

The Philadelphia Orchard Project’s plant sale happened a few weeks ago.  They had a free fruit tree giveaway to the first 15 people to arrive, so I got my buddy Miles to come with me and we got two fruit trees!  We got a Fuyu Imoto Persimmon and a Reliance Peach tree.  I also bought a small Blueberry bush, a Pawpaw seedling, and a strawberry plant with white, extra tasty strawberries.  I also got to meet Phil Forsyth for the first time.  He’s the guy that started the Philly Orchard Project, definitely a guy that I look up to.

I planted the trees and the shrub at my parents house to start a food forest garden there.  I also had a comfrey plant that I got from a friend.  My buddy had some planting soil with mycorrhizal fungi, so I used that to surround the roots of the tree.  Here’s some photos.  Some of them are blurry, sorry!


Our loot from the plant sale and tree giveaway!


Miles was excited for the event.


All the perennials for sale!


Some more plants for sale.IMG_5648


Price List. We made out pretty good getting two fruit trees for free!


The Persimmon Tree we planted.


The Peach Tree we planted.


Pawpaw seedling


This is the area of the yard where I’m planting the forest garden. There are some taller canopy trees, but the Persimmon, Peach, and Blueberry will get plenty of sunlight. The Pawpaw will be a bit shadier when it grows, but it can handle that.


The Peach tree, and a comfrey plant.


Persimmon Tree


Blueberry bush next to a drainage ditch.