Permaculture Center at Crefeld School

I recently stubmbled upon the website for a Permaculture Education facility at the Crefeld School!  It looks like it’s an outdoor classroom / learning area to teach about sustainable living practices, and permaculture.  From their website, “environmental sustainability is now a part of Crefeld’s curriculum.”  The project seems to have completed it’s first phase including a greenhouse, aquaponics system, chickens, and a bat house.  Future phases involve using the heat from an adjacent glass-blowing workshop to heat the greenhouse, rainwater collection, composting systems, mushroom production, and an outdoor classroom.

“The goal of this project is to develop our curriculum to enable our students to take ownership of this learning space and then share their knowledge with others. It’s happening faster than we expected. Last year, neighborhood elementary school students were invited to campus to learn more about urban agriculture. Our students became the teachers and taught a group of interested younger students about chickens and greenhouses.”

Very cool stuff!  Good for the Crefeld school!


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