April Free Movie Screening – Soil Science


This month, we’ll be watching a few short videos on Soil Science: Agroecology Principles and Biomimicry.

Conservation Agronomist, Ray Archuleta with the National Resources Conservation Service joins David Brandt of Walnut Creek Seeds for a workshop on soil and the use of diverse cover crops to build life and fertility in the soil. Produce abundant yields while implementing the best organic and sustainable methods of establishing and maintaining maximum biology. Build aggregates that make up the best soils and see it grow your best crops year after year.

Bring some food to share if you’d like. Bring your own plates and utencils, and let’s try to make this a no-waste event! We’ll have plenty of time for a discussion about the film, or about whatever else is happening in Philly related to Permaculture and regenerative living!

Where: Repair the World 4029 Market Street Philadelphia
When: 7PM – 9PM, Wednesday April 20th

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the videos we viewed!

Facebook Event


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