Roughwood Seed Collection


The local Roughwood Seed Collection is raising money to help preserve and share their amazing collection of historic, locally adapted, heirloom seeds.  Their collection has a fascinating history, and contains edible, medicinal, and native species from Native Americans, colonial and pre-colonial gardeners and farmers in the Philadelphia region.  These heirloom seeds have been adapted to local growing conditions, and selected to provide healthy and delicious food and medicine.  The Roughwood Seed collection is working to preserve this genetic diversity, and share these important seeds with the world. They are a very small operation with only one paid part-time staff and a large number of volunteers and friends who help out.  Please consider supporting their mission to preserve these important food crops that have incredible potential to feed our communities.  Support the future of local food systems!

Support Roughwood Seed Collection!


Roughwood Seed Collection’s Facebook page



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