March Permaculture Movie Screening / Potluck / Discussion

This month, since Spring is just around the corner, we’ll examine some natural methods for your Spring Garden: Synergistic Gardening, Natural Farming, and No-Work Gardening.

Synergistic gardening is a system of organic gardening, developed by Emilia Hazelip. “After establishing the garden, there is no further digging, ploughing or tilling, and no use of external inputs such as manures and other fertilizers, or pesticides. Soil health is maintained by the selection of plants, mulching, and recycling of plant residues.”

Natural farming is an ecological farming approach established by Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese farmer and philosopher, introduced in his 1975 book The One-Straw Revolution. Fukuoka described his way of farming as “the natural way of farming” or “do-nothing farming”. The title refers not to lack of effort, but to the avoidance of manufactured inputs and equipment. Natural farming is related to fertility farming, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, ecoagriculture and permaculture but should be distinguished from biodynamic agriculture.

No-Work Gardening is a term invented by Ruth Stout to describe her method of gardening. She advocated heavy mulching to build healthy soil and control weeds.

Free Event!

When: Wednesday March 25th 7-9PM

Where: Repair the World Office 4029 Market St Philadelphia, Pa 19104

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