Seed Balls!

I just found out about, which is this awesome website where you can purchase seedballs filled with seeds of a ton of different native plants, flowers, edibles, and medicinals.  They’re only $1 each, with discounts as you buy more.  The shop is apparently run by a woman who does this as a hobby for the benefit of local habitats.  Super awesome.

When you join the newsletter, you get a free seedball!  To top it off, they have a %15 discount until the end of the year.  Check it out!


For the discount:

1. Visit
2. Type “sowsomejoy” while on a page. This is a hidden function, there are no boxes to enter the code- just type it into the ‘air’.
3. 15% discount will be applied to almost all items on the site. If you make a typo, just reload the page, or visit a different page and type sowsomejoy again.


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