Open-Source Permaculture

Here are some really cool resources for open-source technology for farming and permaculture: – Openfarm is an in-development webapp that might be the wikipedia of farming and gardening.  They’re creating a user-updated site (like Wikipedia) that will allow people to populate info about plants that they’re familiar with.  There’s even sections for permaculture-specific growing info.  This looks like it’s going to be really cool once some more of the plant information is populated.  You can get involved with the development of the site on their Development Forum.


Open Source Ecology – Open source ecology is the group behind the Global Village Reconstruction Set, a DIY guide for building everything you’d need to restart civilization.  Check out the TED talk about the project here: – Farmhack is a community where farmers post “hacks” or technology that they’ve developed to farm easier, or cheaper.  Some cool inventions include the Farm Bicycle, and the Culticycle, shown below.

Farm Bicycle:



Finally, here’s an interesting video about creating an open-source permaculture design method.  I can see how this type of thing might be useful for experienced permaculture designers and also for people who haven’t ever heard of permaculture.  It encompasses many permaculture concepts and techniques, and it could act as a guide for things to consider when developing permaculture systems:


2 thoughts on “Open-Source Permaculture

  1. Hello. I can’t wait to look into these. Is tomorrow still on for the movie? And what time? And what food is a no no? I believe I was able to move my thing to Thursday. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I sent a text to Maryanne as a reminder but then thought I should double check.

    By the way. I listened again to the interview with Mark Shepard on the way home from dropping Lauren back off to college. Even better so now I need to listen at my desk so I can formally take notes. I asked for his book for Christmas from my daughter. Dana

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    • Dana, the movie is next Monday night! Bring whatever you’re willing to share. If you want to make a veg dish, or something with meat, or whatever, that’s cool. I guess if it contains meat or nuts, maybe make a small sign so people will know. Thanks!


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