Earthship Building Workshop in Bristol, PA


Earthships are buildings that utilize passive heating and cooling to regulate indoor temperature, usually constructed from local resources.  For example, windows on sun-facing walls admit lighting and heating, and the buildings are often horseshoe-shaped to maximize natural light and solar-gain during winter months. The thick and dense earth-rammed tire walls, through varying amounts of sunlight and shade, provide thermal mass that naturally regulates the interior temperature during both cold and hot outside temperatures.  There are several eartships in Philly, and this one in Bristol is close to completion.

Saturday, November 22, – 10:00 AM – to – 4:00 PM.
Sunday, November 23, – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Saturday Evening Lecture emphasizing water.

Learn Earthship building techniques with an emphasis on Catchwater. Hands on activities include:

– Building a W.O.M. (Water Organizing Module)
– Building can walls.
– Plumbing and finish burial for the cistern.
– Stem wall insulation and weatherizing.

Tickets are $50 for both days, $30 for Saturday (plus the evening lecture), or $25 for just the Saturday evening lecture.

Tickets and more info here:


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