Foraging / Wildcrafting

Some local resources for learning to identify wild foods:

Return to Nature – A foraging teacher from NJ that gives classes from NYC to Philly.

Wild Foodies of Philadelphia – A group that organizes hikes and plant walks to identify useful, medicinal, and edible plants in and around the city.

Foragers Unite! – A Facebook group for foragers.

Edible Wild Plants – A Facebook group for Dialogue on ethnobotany, collection, preparation, preservation, and consumption of wild edible plants.

Plant Identification – A facebook group for wild plant identification

The New England Regional Mushroom Identification Forum – Mushroom identification for the New England region


I’ve been studying foraging for wild foods since early 2014.  My favorite teacher has been Dan Farella from Return to Nature.  It’s amazing how many plants are edible that you wouldn’t realize.  Whether for medicinal use, or just to supplement your diet, there are tons of amazing things all around us.


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