Food Forest Gardens



3 thoughts on “Food Forest Gardens

  1. I was hoping to start something like this to just basically like guerilla farm in abandoned parks or lots with permaculture designs like swales on contour and using huglekultur i believe its called and so many other things. So instead of trying to start from scratch how do i get my feet wet and start doing this? Im have alot of ideas and things we can implement to help the community. Id love to hear back from you shortly


  2. Fair Amount Food Forest (FAFF) is a initiative for public food forestry in Philadelphia that aims to create an educational, openly harvested, and community driven food forest on public land.

    Join FAFF and Friends for a gathering behind Lemon Hill Mansion today! to find out more, make some art and celebrate the inter-dependence with us!​​ July 2nd, 1pm ’till 4pm++.

    This event is a collaboration with Philadelphia Assembled and part of the Mobile Futures Institute Programming


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